Achilles tendon rupture. Minimal invasive surgical intervention

Achilles tendon is the stronger and most historical tendon on the human body.

There is an increased participation of older people in sport. 
This is one of the causes of the increase in the incidence of this injury.

Conservative treatment may lead to problem associated with re-rupture, lengthening of the tendon and poor function, whereas surgery introduces additional risks of wound breakdown, infection, scar adhesions and sural nerve damage.

Percutaneous and mini-open surgical repair techniques were developed in order to minimize the potential risks of surgery and to improve functional outcomes.  

Minimally invasive technique.
small portal for the tendon recostruction

A functional ankle orthotic device, applied in theatre at the time of surgery.  The foot is positioned at 20 degree plantarflexion during wound healing. 
The patient must stay at hospital 24 hours post op.

Early weight bearing is encouraged.