Severe knee osteoarthritis


Severe Knee Osteoarthritis with Valgus deformation

Male 73 years old suffer from bilateral  knee osteoarthritis

Standing position.  Valgus knee.

Supine position.  Lower limb valgus malalignment

Supine position.  Extension lack 11 degree

X-ray:  Severe bileteral osteoartrhitis with valgus deformation.

2nd Post-op day.  Correction of alignment right leg

X-ray:  Total knee arthroplasty (face) imediatelly after operation

X-ray:  Total knee arthroplasty (profile)

4th post-op day full weight bearing of operated right knee.  Compare the alignmen

One month post-op.  The mechanical and anatomical axis of the right knee has been restored.  Knee without lack of extension.

Twenty day post - op functional knee flexion

One month  post-op the patient can walk independently.

Severe osteoarthritis with valgus deformity of the left knee.  The right knee operated before 3 years with total knee arthroplasty.

X-ray:  20 degree valgus deformity of the left knee.

Total knee replacement both of the knees.  The deformity does not exist.

Normal view of the knees.  The axis is correct bilaterally.

The patient before the operations.