Chronic distal biceps tendon rupture


Chronic distal biceps rupture with severe gap

Male 38 years old ruptured the distal tendon of the biceps during sudden heavy weightlifting. Initially treated conservatively (physical therapy) but after one year was not satisfied by the functional and the aesthetic result.


The operation took place one year after injury. During surgery 12cm gap was found of the muscle which had no possibility of distension. The stump was retracted and gathered at the central point of the humerus.

Autograft hamstrings, gracilis and semitendinosus tendons, used to reconstruct the biceps tendon, restoring the gap.

The hamstrings gives us the advantage of proper redistribution of double bundle hamstrings tendons traction forces on the stump, thus avoiding the application of great traction on a small area of the abutment.

After operation