Severe hip osteoarthritis


Severe hip osteoarthritis

Male 72 years old suffer from severe osteoartrhitis of right hip joint and he is not able to walk without special assistive devices.  Total hip arthroplasty of the right hip.

Pre op x-ray hip and pelvis.  Severe osteoarthritis of the right hip.  Pain and dysfunction of the joint are the main symptoms. 

Pre op, right hip.  Severe osteoarthritis of the joint.

Pre op patient walking.

X-ray hip and pelvis after the operation.  Total hip arthroplasty of the right hip. 

Total hip arthroplasty x-ray.

Eight days post op.  The patient walks with special device without pain.  The range of hip motion is near normal.

Τwo months post-op the quality of walking is better and the patient is pain free.